Sunday, January 13, 2013

An Ode to Beard

Here at the Casa de Evers, there is a standing agreement that Austin is allowed to have a winter beard followed by a hipster mustache...little did I know the extremes to which this would lead us.

This was Beard in full effect (3 months) in winter 2010:

And last year's shave:

And hipster 'stache (worn around for 3 days):

This year we bumped it up a notch and went to 4 months with Beard and a week with the 'stache. 

Beard in full effect (4 months) in winter 2011:

The sad night before we said goodbye to Beard:

Just before the shearing:

The progressive shave away:

The hipster 'stache (worn around for a week):

It is so funny how many compliments my husband receives from other bearded and non-bearded men; how many people are inspired to sport facial hair despite their wives' dismay (sorry ladies); and how many people cheer for Beard to grow and are legitimately sad to see Beard go away. Beard has brought many laughs and scared a few children. Beard has even brought me a few compliments (mostly along the lines of being a saint to let him grow it) and a few sighs of disapproval (when I stick hard and fast to the agreement that brings about the eventual end of both Beard and the 'stache). But above all...this beard-growing season brings my husband great joy and for that reason, the winter beards will continue. 

My husband is a good-looking man; and for a few months out of the year, he's a good-looking bearded man. 

For now, goodbye Beard!

I'll keep you posted.

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