Sunday, July 17, 2011

Victory and Defeat all in One

Last night, I finished reading, A Prayer for Owen Meany. Victory! I found a rhythm where I was enjoying the story and flowed through the last 100 or so pages over two nights. Unfortunately the end was not as enjoyable as reading the story and watching the characters develop. It was one of those endings where the characters and the dialogue literally explains everything for you. For example, near the end the conversations include statements like, "Now I know why my voice never changed," or "Remember watanhouet?" Those details were well described and carried on throughout the story that I knew and remembered them as it all came together in the end. All that to say, one book down...three to go (see previous post).

My defeat came in the fact Austin, began and finished his 1000+ page book (and another short 120ish page Ayn Rand book) in less time than it took for me to finish the remaining 300+ pages of my book. For Austin, reading is a healthy part of his life and without it, he feels imbalanced. And he especially loves to read before bed. I, on the other hand, have not incorporated a habit of leisure reading into my daily routine and before bed, i'm getting ready to go to bed...not trying to read a book. So from my perspective reading before bed, has been "unhealthy" because I should be sleeping, if not trying to sleep. That was a funny conversation. I'm glad that my husband realizes that we are different and it is absolutely ok that our outlooks on reading are different. The simple remedy has been to start reading earlier, haha.

On to the next book: Same Kind of Different as Me. I'm pretty excited about this one because quite a few people I know have read it and loved it and I'm looking forward to agreeing with them :).

I'll keep you posted.

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