Sunday, May 27, 2012

Garden Love

I took these photos of the process of creating my garden with the intention of blogging about the process, so instead of a series of blogs you'll get the photo timeline version...kind of like the boxed dvd set of a TV series; no commercials, no waiting, just all at once satisfaction of knowing how it all happened :) Enjoy!

Starting seeds indoors to be ready to plant after the first frost (mid-late February):

I took a citizen gardener class with the Austin Sustainable Food Center and learned how to make these 4x4 planter boxes based off of Mel Bartholomew's book Square Foot Gardening. (March-ish)

And so it began: Here is our overgrown backyard

Building 4x4 beds, seven total for our backyard (day after and weekend after gardening class)

Then we lay overlapping cardboard boxes over the grass to solarize and kill it, preventing it from crowding into the garden (only moderately successful three months later).

We covered the cardboard with wood mulch, and it looked beautiful!!!

Obviously we filled the boxes with dirt and transplanted the seedlings following the square foot gardening model as best I could.

And lastly, I built trellises with string as the platform for the vining plants to climb.

That's all for now :) 

Hopefully I can get another blog post in (soon) about our recent harvests...very exciting!

I'll keep you posted.

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